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Generate 26 linear barcode, import sequential data MS Excel, print Avery, Apli barcode label, save & copy barcode label to MS Word, JPEG, BMP
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Barcode Maker is a prominent and comprehensive advanced utility to generate simple or highly customized barcodes for various commercial and non commercial organizations/sectors such as Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Postal/Parcel, Shipping, Laboratories, Libraries, Telecom, Electronics, Automobiles, Transportation, Government, Law Enforcements, Health Services, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Chemical Industry, Ticket Marking, Security, Specialty applications and number of others with usage of more than 35 fonts like UPC, UPCA, UPCE0, UPCE1, EAN128A, EAN128B, EAN128C, Code39, Code25, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, ISBN, ISSN and rest all are correspondent of Linear and 2 Dimensional symbologies in very short span of time along with minimum resources consumption.

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Barcode Labeling Software provides an efficient graphical wizard with inbuilt GUI attributes to create high resolution barcodes in format of labels, asset tags, ribbons, coupons etc with distinctive specifications including varying sizes, shapes, colors, texts in simple, alpha numeric, symbols containing, multi-lingual, captions, other information, images and many more for convenient barcode printing as well as barcode scanning from any ordinary printers/scanners with exclusive preview feature in single page or individually.Barcode Maker offers a competent Windows compatible source to generate apposite barcodes in batches or in bulks for professional templates Aone, APLI, Ace Label, Avery, C-Line, Compu Label and lots of others to retain amiability with numerous packages viz. Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Corel Draw etc for customized settings at time of printing according by mentioning required range with pattern viz. fixed, random or sequential involving option of checksum to reduce data management and increase operational efficiency without requisite of additional tool and technical expertise. Barcode Maker Software permits to save defined customization measures and alternative to import existing data from text file for proffering most significant reusable capability.


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Barcode Maker Key Features

  • Easiest and effortless creation of professional barcodes
  • Convenient to install and deploy via simple wizard.
  • Speedily generate machine readable barcodes in less time duration.
  • Supplementary package and high technical skills are not required for barcode creation.
  • Low-cost and less resources expenditure.
  • Absolutely compatible with Windows operating systems such as 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and all others.
  • Integrates Linear and 2 Dimensional symbologies.
  • Supports more than 35 barcode fonts including UPC, EAN, EAN 13, Code13, Code 39, Code 128, ISBN, ISSN, Postnet and so on.
  • Offers to create barcodes in list by considering fixed, random or sequential range.
  • Proficient to generate customized and high resolution barcodes with user friendly graphical interface through two-three clicks or steps.
  • Capable to create colorful barcodes with particular text, size (width, height), spaces etc.
  • Creates multi-lingual barcodes without minute troubles.
  • Relevant to make simple, alpha numeric or special symbols comprising barcodes.
  • Defaults measurements also applicable to generate infinite barcodes for many different level industries.
  • Produces precise barcodes with accomplished checksum feature.
  • Allow to generate barcodes separately or in bulks for an individual page/multiple pages.
  • Provides functionality to save projects for created barcodes.
  • Facilitates to import data for barcode creation from text documents.
  • Exceedingly attuned with all conventional printers, barcode readers and scanners.
  • Extremely impeccable creator with privileged preview function.
  • Completely adjustable with standard templates such as Avery, Aone and many more.
  • Pertinent with other packages viz. Corel Draw, Quark Xpress, Photoshop and some others to create more ideal barcodes.
  • Handy with entire variety of labels, coupons, asset tags and ribbons.
  • Excellent label creator to generate barcodes from objectives for direct printing on any products.
  • Versatile with reusable attribute.
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